Our Mission

About Us

We’re a bunch of Ergonomists and Ergonomic Consultants from a variety of backgrounds who have a shared passion for a more modern, pragmatic and ‘holistic’ approach to Ergonomics practice, looking at the wider environment and personal interactions beyond the simplistic physical fit of ‘man and machine’.


Our Beginnings

Workwise began trading in 1999 and we’ve since generated a loyal following of fabulous clients who value our honest, no-nonsense, relaxed but professional style. We’re headed up by Jill Farmer – Registered Osteopath and Chartered Ergonomist, with Post Graduate Diploma in Health Ergonomics and Masters in Organisational Ergonomics.

Jill’s Masters research was conducted with the kind co-operation of the Health & Safety teams at ITV, and provided us with some invaluable insights into the true facilitators and barriers to agile working which we continue to develop, and pass onto our clients, in our agile working consultancy.

Our Mission

So to us, Ergonomics (sometimes known as Human Factors) is basically about people. People and how they interact with their physical, psychological and social environments. And we like people. We like talking to them, we like observing them, we like understanding and helping them, and most of all we like listening to them, and it’s this genuine love of what we do that makes us great at what we do.


A Word From The Founder

employer risk assessment training

It seems like a very long time ago that we started Workwise back in 1999. Initially in my back bedroom with a dodgy telephone that only rang out when it felt like it, and then above a garage in Poole with peeling wallpaper and a steady dose of carbon monoxide from the cars below. Ah, the glamour of it all! Thankfully we’ve moved on a little since then.

Our original offering was DSE assessments and training. We’ve done more assessments over the years than I suspect many others can claim, and in doing so have really got to understand offices and the people within them – we know how they think and we know what makes them tick which allows us to offer practical solutions that won’t break the bank, will make people comfy, but also feel that they are being heard and understood.

Agile working consultancy has, therefore, been a natural progression for us. We didn’t actively seek it but it, and our clients, sought us a compliment if ever there was one. And the same has happened in the industrial world too, with clients liking our style and asking for our help in improving health and wellbeing beyond the confines of their offices, and we’ve loved every minute of it.

Thanks for visiting our site. We hope you’ve found what you were looking for. By all means give us a call. We love to talk ‘ergonomics’.