Empowering Your Employees

Online training and risk assessments on office, hybrid, and home-working safety. 

  • DSE
  • Manual Handling
  • Fire/Emergency Evacuation
  • General H&S

The world of work has changed – it’s time to update your risk assessment process and content to reflect this.

Empowering Your Employees


Fully Customisable

Fully Customisable

Email Reminders

Email Reminders


Smart Reporting


Standing at the forefront of H&S and ergonomics training innovation, Wellwork360 is a highly customisable online training and assessment hub. 

Developed in partnership with clients, and in direct response to their needs and requests – let’s take this journey together.


Office, Remote & HYBRID

With the massive global work-life changes in recent times, our ‘office’ is now wherever we happen to be.  

Our Wellwork360 online training encompasses all potential working locations and pragmatically addresses the key health and safety challenges that arise from these new ways of working.  

Our training and accompanying risk assessments empower your employees to be safe, comfortable and productive in all work environments, and connects them with someone who can help them if not.

We apply innovative H&S training to the ‘in-or-out-of-office’ environment.  All courses include the following:


Specific Hazards
We cover all hazards that arise from office and hybrid working. From DSE, manual handling, and emergency evacuation, to the mental health challenges of remote working – we take a holistic approach to employee wellbeing, and deliver our training in the context of a changing world of work.

Employer/Employee Responsibilities
We outline the legal responsibilities of employees and employers with regard to health and safety, as stipulated by the relevant Health & Safety Regulations.

Dynamic Risk Assessment
Our dynamic risk assessments empower your employees to assess their own risks, collects employee information on their current working setup, and helps them identify and resolve potential problems.

Coming Soon…
Our fabulous clients have identified that this is a platform that they can now use for all of their training and assessment needs.  It’s a huge compliment, so responding to their requests, we’re adding to the available content all the time.  Specific modules on conducting risk assessments and workplace induction will be available very soon.  And we’re always happy to work with industry specialists to create new courses/content for you – so ask away!

Fully Customisable

Wellwork360 is fully customisable. With your brand guidelines, we create a familiar, brand-coherent training environment. From logos and typefaces to photos and colour schemes, this course is entirely customisable from start to finish. We can also edit the course content to ensure your employees get the most relevant information from the training.

You can customise the entire Wellwork360 course experience.

Brand identity
Logo, typeface, colour scheme (font colour, background colour, accent colour).

Course content
Edit training material, add in photos/videos/contact details.

Email reminders
Content, design, frequency.

Pre-Built Option
We have a standard, pre-built theme if you’re short on time or don’t want to customise the course experience.


automated workflows

Our customisable automated workflows ensure your employees complete their training and risk assessments. Remind them once a week, twice a week, every day if you like – it’s entirely up to you. We can also notify managers when employees haven’t completed their risk assessment after a certain period of time. Or maybe there’s something else specific to your training needs that you’d love to be automated – just ask us and we’ll do our best to sort that for you.

Smart Reporting

We send immediate feedback when an employee completes their training and risk assessment to allow for timely problem identification and resolution. Want to see the bigger picture? View, edit and manage all of your risk assessments from your dashboard.


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The Workwise team and system is superb ! It’s been so easy to use. The dashboard reporting and automated workflow makes it easy for us to keep on track of our regulatory requirements, and we are able to rollout new courses quickly.  The feedback from employees has been really excellent too.  We now have much more insight into how they are actually feeling and what we need to now do for them.


About Workwise Ergonomics

At Workwise Ergonomics, we have a passion for pragmatic and holistic approaches to ergonomics, and workplace safety – looking beyond the simplistic physical fit of ‘man and machine’. 

Founded in 1999, we’ve generated a loyal following of fabulous clients who value our honest, no-nonsense, relaxed but professional style. We’re headed up by Jill Farmer, Registered Osteopath and Chartered Ergonomist, with Post Graduate Diploma in Health Ergonomics and Masters in Organisational Ergonomics.

Does this sound like you?

You need to know your employees will be safe – wherever they’re working 

You need a partner in training and risk assessments

Your company is a firm in the legal or professional services

Workwise Ergonomics can help!


What We Do
for Your Business


Your employees are, of course, your most significant assets. Look after them, and they will look after you.

We help you train them in all crucial safety areas, including fire, DSE, manual handling, and agile working. You will receive our expertise as well as the comfort of knowing your employees are compliant and safe.


Once we’ve worked with your employees to provide them with our valuable training, your company gets access to our customisable dashboard, which allows you to track possible issues and solve them quickly and easily. 

This results in your employees becoming more efficient, productive, and able to do their best work that drives your company forward.

We focus on four key areas: