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Agile Working – what any Facilities Manager needs to consider when implementing: Taking your people with you (3)

So, you’ve worked out the nuts and bolts as to how your space, furniture and equipment will help your company successfully transition towards Agile Working.  Lovely job.

But it doesn’t end there does it?  Who are your most valuable assets and how do you get them on board?  This whole journey will only be effective if your workforce is fully engaged and ready to meet the challenges of the new environment.


Having decided that Agile Working is right for your company it’s essential to involve employees in the whole process.  Things you might consider:

  • Share information early on about the goals of the agile workplace – explain why it’s happening;
  • Conduct a study on how current space is being utilised and garner views about how Agile Working might be implemented;
  • Conduct staff interviews to ensure correct information about how teams currently function within the larger organisation;
  • Use a staff survey to enable employees to give anonymous but true accounts of their needs, understanding, and concerns;
  • Try a post-it note board for anonymous feedback;
  • Listen to, and understand feedback and concerns – incorporate these into your plans;
  • Train Agile Working ‘Champions’ to help spread the word

Resistance to Change

Many people don’t like change – especially change that they have little or no control over.

It’s a very simplistic view of how different personalities react to change but a quick read and worth a look.

Take time to get this phase right and employees will feel included and valued which, hopefully, will result in less resistance to change.  Let staff see how they will fit into the brave new environment and how they can benefit from new working practices.

This is just a snapshot of what can be involved and we would be really interested to hear about your experiences in moving to an ‘agile’ way of working.  Let us know what’s worked for you and anything you may have done differently if you had the chance.

Another short blog, but we think that this way is best, so they are perfect for your short breaks or even your bedtime reading!

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