Agile Working

So all any employer needs to do is give all employees a laptop and let them go and work where, and whenever, they want – easy!… Or is it?

Actually It’s Far From Easy

The who’s going to do what? Where? When? How? With what? type of questions need to be asked. And as soon as you ask these questions it becomes apparent that actually this is a very complex system, with multiple interactions, and with many many decisions to make along the way.

Who’s Right? Who’s Wrong?

And all your stakeholders will, understandably, have their opinions on what’s right and and what’s not for their group or area which can create a big headache for anyone tasked with moving this kind of project forward – Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Who should have the final say on any decisions?

In addition to this, the move to agile working is a massive change and cultural shift for many and the fallout from this can be substantial if things aren’t thought through prior to implementation.

We Can Help

So if you’re planning to make the move to a more agile way of working and would like to get it right first time, or if you’ve already made some steps in that direction and would like some pragmatic ‘real world’ input into how you can improve things in the future then we’d really love to help.

  • Pragmatic ‘People Centred’ solutions

  • Objective/knowledgeable eyes

  • Improve employee engagement

  • Involve employees in creating solutions

  • Time to think outside the traditional office ‘box’

  • More flexible ways of working

  • Get it right first time

  • Keep everyone happy, comfy and ‘onboard’

How We Do It

We talk to you, your staff, and all the stakeholders involved, find out where you want to get to, and provide a ‘people centred’ objective eye that will help you find ‘real world’ solutions that will work for everyone no matter what role they undertake.

Different Approaches

This might take the form of training, sensible risk assessments, consultancy, or even a bit of mediation between the different stakeholder groups. And in approaching it this way we help you keep your employees comfy, happy, engaged and productive in their new working styles, whilst also keeping your timescales and budgets in check, and hopefully an element of workplace harmony thrown in.

Happy Client

“Really not sure what we would have done without Workwise. Amazing support throughout our agile transition, sensible advice, and lovely to work with – thank you.”

Annette Devereux, H&S Manager – Camden Council

Want to chat with us?

Every agile working project will be different so please do get in touch and we’ll then be able to chat about what we can do to help.