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Online DSE training and risk assessments encompassing new/hybrid ways of working on office. Train your employees to understand the benefits of good ergonomics, and know where to go when they need help.
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DSE assessments done for you

Let’s be honest – it’s taken us a long time to come round to the value of online assessments

over 1:1.  There’s no substitute for sitting next to someone and having a real-world conversation about posture and how even just the smallest of changes can make sure a big impact on your day to day comfort.

But 1:1’s have been getting increasingly harder to do as the working world has got increasingly more dispersed and agile over the past 10 years.  And massively so over the past 18 months since C-19 has had us all spending some, if not most of our time away from the traditional office.

And whilst we don’t think that for many organisations a full return to how things used to be is all that likely, the DSE Regulations haven’t gone away, and we do still need to ensure not only comfort of employees, but compliance with H&S Regulations no matter where we all end up working.

With this in mind we have developed our brand new DSE training and assessments online for you.  It still has all the aspects you’d expect of DSE training, but with a realistic inclusion of pragmatic agile and remote working advice on how to get yourself comfy wherever you are – which it’s likely everyone will benefit from going forwards

Ergonomists consultants uk

How it works



Select how many course credits you would like to purchase.  1 credit = 1 course for 1 employee.  So if you have 100 employees who you’d like to just sign up for the DSE module then that will be 100 credits.  If you have 100 employees that you would like to sign up for 2 modules (the DSE and the full agile/home-working module for example) then this would be 200 credits.



Once we’ve received your booking we’ll be intouch to upload the contact details of all the employees you’d like to enrol and arrange access to your own Learning Management System dashboard.

Have a consultation with us to decide if you want/need to customise the training in any way.

 You’re good to go!



Employees will be emailed and invited to complete the training and assessment. 

Any that don’t complete will be reminded at regular intervals. 

You’ll be advised when anyone completes their assessment. 

You can sign into your dashboard at any time to review assessments and select additional training where required.  




1-10 credits

£25 each

10-100 credits

£15 each

100-500 credits

£10 each


contact us to discuss

A few words from some happy customers


“A great, knowledgeable, and supportive provider for many years now – always thinks of the bigger picture and never advises us to spend money unless we really do need to.”

Oxford University​


“Your report was exactly what we were looking for. It was easy to read and very detailed. The recommendations were easily understood and made complete sense which made it easy, in turn, to make recommendations to our upper management. The references made to the need to change behaviours was very welcome since the cost involved is manageable and will not frighten our leadership.”

Carphone Warehouse/Knowhow​


“Really not sure what we would have done without Workwise. Amazing support throughout our agile transition, sensible advice, and lovely to work with – thank you.”

Camden Council