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Helping with the Work-Life Balancing Act

A little stress is no bad thing in business; it can sharpen the mind, help hone skills and get you ahead of your competitors.  However, too much stress can result in deadlines missed and increased costs due to employee absenteeism, burn out or turnover.   Offering employment packages that fit with what is going on in employees’ lives can help.  Giving employees more control over their work-life balance is key.  Here are a couple of ideas to help you help them:

  1. Employees will gain a greater sense of loyalty if they feel they are cared for. Health and wellbeing should ideally appear in the general benefits for employees.  Subsidised gym membership, or even just a bowl of fruit in the kitchen, are great ways to show that you care about your staff and their health.
  1. In many sectors of employment there is now more of a blending of work and personal time due to technology driven communication. If workers dip in and out of work related emails whilst they are at home in the evenings, they will expect to be able to deal with occasional personal matters when necessary during the working day.  Accepting this give and take can enhance the work environment.
  1. The biggest issues come down to flexibility and trust. As long as the work gets done, does it matter that Fred went to see his child’s play on Thursday afternoon?  He finished his task later that evening.  Does it matter that Jane came in late on Monday because she had to take her elderly mother to a hospital appointment?  She came in earlier the next day to finish the work that she needed to complete.  It didn’t affect the workload outcome but it made those staff feel valued and cared for, less stressed because external factors were catered for without impacting the final result.

Employees who feel they have some control over their work-life schedule are more likely to go the extra mile for an employer who treats them with respect and understanding and less likely to end up absent through avoidable stress.

What do you think?  What could employers do to make life easier whilst still getting the job done?

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