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Home-Working Comfort

Working on your bed?  Your dining table? Your sofa? Let’s get you comfy and make this remote working work for you. 

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Home-Working Ergonomics

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Simple, Pragmatic advice to get you comfy at home

These sessions are carried out over Zoom to keep us all safe from C-19.  We’ll spend up to an hour with you looking at your current home-working setup and suggest solutions for you.  These can be low/no-cost solutions or if you’re looking for advice on what you might want/need to best spend your limited budget on then we can help with that too.


how it works

Just follow the links on this page to book your Zoom call.  Jill will then call you at the alloted time and chat about your current aches/pains and answer any questions you have about your setup.

You’ll need your camera on so that she can see you and how you’re currently working – you don’t need to tidy up for it!  We’ve seen it all over the years, and especially in the last year since so many of you are working from home.

We’ll give you advice and chat through options/solutions that will work for you, and at the end of the call we’ll send you a summary detailing all that we’ve discussed and what we think you should do now.


Want to get comfy now?

If you’re not sure what you want and need then please contact us by emailing

Or if you know that you’re uncomfy and just need help to address this then book a Zoom assessment call now.


This has been so helpful! It’s such simple stuff that you think you should know what to do, but I’ve tried so many things that just didn’t help me get any more comfortable at all – if anything I think the things I was doing and stuff that I bought before talking to Jill was making it worse!  Jill was so lovely and suggested such simple things that I can not only do at home, but also back in the office and out and about.  Highly recommended.

About Workwise Ergonomics

Workwise Ergonomics are a very experienced Ergonomics Consultancy who have been specialising in office, agile and remote working since 1995.  Our main focus throughout this time has been corporate workers, but with the magic of Zoom we’re now able to offer this same service to individuals who are struggling to comfortably work from home.  

We’re headed up by Jill Farmer – Registered Osteopath and Chartered Ergonomist.  We have a friendly no-nonsense approach.  We won’t judge your current setup so please do just show us the reality and we’ll figure stuff out together to make the whole remote working thing work for you.



Masters in the Art

and Science of Ergonomics.


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