Industrial Ergonomics

Whether you’re a butcher, baker or candlestick maker, you all have work systems, routines and environments that may not be working to your advantage. Accidents and injuries have obvious effects on productivity. And workflow, systems and procedures can also take their toll on productivity, targets and morale.

Industrial Ergonomics
employer risk assessment training

Whether you’re coming from an HR, FM, H&S or Project perspective, our industrial ergonomics services will help you solve your problems.


Workplace Assessments

Our workplace assessments will look at the whole or individual aspects of your work environments as much or as little as you require. We’ll engage with and involve your staff in the identification of problem areas and generation of workable solutions.

We’ll then filter out any irrelevancies, add in our knowledge and expertise and present our findings back to you in a way that makes practical and commercial sense and won’t scare the accountants too much.

Ergonomics Training

We can provide generic courses aimed at empowering your staff to become actively involved in the identification of areas for continuous improvement and/or tailored training. Looking at the specific issues in your environment and how these could be addressed with simple daily behavioural changes.

Ergonomics courses

Solutions For You

If you’re looking for help with a new project or looking to make improvements on what you have then that’s fine by us. Our solutions may be simple re-engineering projects or changes to workflow and procedures, but they are just as likely to be centred around low cost behavioural changes and associated training.

Your report was exactly what we were looking for. It was easy to read and very detailed. The recommendations were easily understood and made complete sense which made it easy, in turn, to make recommendations to our upper management. The references made to the need to change behaviours was very welcome since the cost involved is manageable and will not frighten our leadership.

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