Office Ergonomics

Whether you’re coming from an HR, FM, H&S or Project perspective, our office ergonomics services will help you solve your problems. Our solutions are much more than a box ticking exercise. 

Office Ergonomics
employer risk assessment training

DSE is where Workwise started. It’s been our core offering for many years now, and we’ve championed doing the ‘right’ way all along.


DSE/Workstation Assessments

So you may have done nothing in terms of DSE so far, or you may have had a complete office move, and want everyone to be assessed. That’s fine we can do that for you. Or you may have just a handful of people that you think need a little more specialist advice. You’ve tried a basic in-house assessment yourselves and don’t seem to be seeing any real improvements. Or just feel out of your depth in terms of the medical knowledge required to really understand what’s going on. And this is where we shine. We have lots and lots of experience of these situations and have the medical background to back it up.

Not Just Box Ticking

It’s very easy to view DSE as a simple ‘tick box’/compliance exercise but actually good DSE ergonomics really can make a big difference to overall comfort and productivity in any office environment.

The right way

And the ‘right’ way doesn’t have to cost you a fortune either. Very often it’s just a case of working with what you’ve already got rather than throwing it away and starting again. DSE is as much about behavioural change as anything else. Simple changes very often make the biggest difference over a period of time.


Group Approach

And you don’t always have to do 1:1 assessments. Sometimes a group event is more effective and enjoyable. Workshops, floor-walks, awareness days and hot-desking training can all be added into the training mix. We’re happy to explore these and any other ideas with you when you’re ready.

DSE Assessor Training​

Sometimes it just makes more sense to have people trained in-house to carry out the assessments. This allows you to react a little quicker and provide immediate advice to those needing it. So, we can also train you to do the assessments yourselves.

Train you in house

We do 1 and 2 day DSE courses in-house – which one you choose depends on your current level of experience and confidence in carrying out the assessments – best to contact us and we can chat through which would suit you best. We can also provide refresher training for those that would like to update or improve their skills and knowledge and ‘Train the Trainer’ if that works better for you. We also have public courses and Agile Working seminars coming soon!

Manual Handling

Manual handling is an essential life skill, and one that can have horrible consequences for those that continually get it wrong. So we think it’s important to teach these practical skills in any office environment, but in a practical and relaxed way that’s appropriate to your organisation and the people involved.

Manual Handling Training

We can do day or half day training of your staff, or even ‘train the trainer’ if you’d prefer to do it yourselves – whatever is right for you – just let us know.

A great, knowledgeable, and supportive provider for many years now – always thinks of the bigger picture and never advises us to spend money unless we really do need to.


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