Help for FM's, HR, H&S and Office Managers in these challenging times

Times. They have changed!

It’s very sad – but we can do this…


Whilst some of you may be ahead of the game and have all of your remote working/disaster recovery strategies sorted in terms of how you handle the next few weeks, or even months, we know that many of you haven’t.

Our phones have been ringing off the hook with Facilities Managers, HR professionals and Office Managers looking for advice on how to manage the DSE and general risk element of home-working. 

And we expect that to continue while we all scramble to make sure our businesses keep going, and our employees are supported in changing their ways and location of work.

So here are the ways in which we can help:

Risk Assessment & Training for Employers and Employees

Don’t panic! You’re not alone. Many people’s home-working environment clearly isn’t ideal if this is going to go on for a while.

So we’ve put together a pragmatic, no-nonsense online training package for anyone responsible for the health and welfare of employees working from home. We’ll lead you through all the areas you need to be covering in your risk assessments for home-workers. Not just DSE, but all the other areas that need to considered.

We’ll provide you with a risk assessment form that your employees can complete online that links to your management area where you can view, edit, and manage all the assessment, both now and in the future.

You can view more detail on the online training and assessment package here.

Advice for Managers

We’re happy to offer straightforward, honest advice on best practice under these trying circumstances – just book yourself a Zoom slot and we can chat through what you’re doing now, and what steps you need to take to keep everyone safe and comfortable.

This call will be with Jill Farmer – Registered Osteopath, Chartered Ergonomist, and Workwise MD

  • FREE 1:1 advice from Chartered Ergonomist
  • Pragmatic advice for employers and employees
  • Simple solutions that you can action straight away

£FREE. So difficult to know what to charge for this. We’re a small business and need to survive in these difficult times, but at the same time we do desperately want to support everyone as much as possible. So for now our time and expertise is free and given with love.

Home and remote workers need assessments too!

We carry out our remote assessments via Zoom, or whatever video conferencing option suits you, so that we can get as close as possible to actually being there in person. We explore the difficulties you or your employees may be having, and guide you through the simple changes you can make to your setup, working position, and behaviours to get you comfy, and keep you comfy.

We can’t say that this way of doing assessments is as easy as doing them face to face. You do have to be really experienced to be able to read between the lines and get to the bottom of what the difficulties actually are with someone’s remote setup, create a rapport, and to propose appropriate solutions. 

That’s why this service is only offered by our most experienced team members . You’re getting to talk to the best!

DSE Remote Assessment


£150 + VAT.  Just click the link and book your slot. We’ll invoice you later.  If you have more than 1 person that needs our help, then please do just call us and we can sort out a better price for you. 


Really not sure what we would have done without Workwise. Amazing support throughout our agile transition, sensible advice, and lovely to work with – thank you


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