Roost vs Nexstand – our review

So this is the problem:

You need the flexibility and the portability of your laptop but you’re sick of either craning your neck to look at the screen that’s wayyyyyy too low, or hunching your shoulders to use your keyboard because you’re sitting low in your chair so that you can avoid the craning – it’s a no win situation and frankly just not comfortable long term.

And this is the solution:

So you know you need to raise your laptop screen but don’t want to drag around bulky/heavy screen raisers so you need a lightweight and portable solution – but with so many to choose from where do you start?

But which one?

We’ve done a lot of hunting for the perfect portable screen raiser over the years.  What you’re looking for is a raiser that’s got a reasonable height on it – ideally top of your monitor level with your eyes or slightly below – but believe us, they’re not that easy to find.

Enter the Roost!, and more recently the Nexstand.  Both portable, lightweight and much higher than others on the market.  They look almost identical, but which one should you buy, and why?……

So the Roost is the original one – developed in the States following a kickstarter project a couple of years ago.  The Nexstand seems to be a copycat version from China, and in our hearts we’re loathed to recommend the copycat version because as business owners ourselves, we know that a lot of work went into the development of the original. But at half the price of the Roost (£35 vs £70 – both vary depending on exchange rates and Amazon deals), we had to take a proper look at the Nexstand for you, and here are our thoughts on what we consider to be the most important things when you’re making your choice (height, weight, size and overall quality, and finally our verdict):

Height Settings:

Roost – 3 settings 8.5-13cm to bottom of slot where laptop fits in

Nexstand – 7 settings 9-16cm to bottom of slot where laptop fits in

Both very similar in ease of operation, so if you’re looking for extra height then the Nexstand wins here.


Roost – 155g

Nexstand – 226g

This is enough to really feel the difference when side by side.  So the Roost is the clear winner here.


Roost – 33.5 x 3 x 3.5cm

Nexstand – 35.5 x 3.5 x 4.5cm

So the Roost again wins here.

Overall Quality: both well made and have happily survived us passing them around the office and taking them out and about during our trials – no concerns there.  The Nexstand does feel a little more robust though.

Our Verdict: well we’d happily recommend both, and which one you go for really does depend on your circumstances.  If you’re keen to cut down on weight and bulk as you move around then the Roost is definitely the one to go for as the Nexstand feels considerably bigger and heavier in a side by side comparison, but you will obviously have to pay for this luxury.  If you’re particularly tall and height is all important then the Nexstand has those all important centimetres, though for most people the Roost is plenty high enough for even our ‘6 footers’ in the office.  If you think your staff might be a bit ‘heavy’ in their use then the Nexstand may be more forgiving, but we can’t say we’ve tested it to destruction so this is more of a feeling than anything.

Any finally – if supporting the guys who’s hard work and brain power lead to the Roost’s development is something that’s important to you then it has to be the Roost itself – it’s a great product and we think they deserve our support – no affiliations or payment here, just honest thoughts to help you make your decision.

Let us know what you think and which one you decided on in the end.

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