The Sit-Stand Thing – What Do We think?

So what do you think about sit-stand desks? We get asked this almost daily when on client sites these days so this is what we think….

Should we sit all day at our computers without moving? Obviously not, but standing all day isn’t great for us either.

Like many things in life – the answer lies in variety and the ‘M word’ (moderation), but we humans are sometimes a bit rubbish at variety and moderation. So anything that encourages us to move and change position is a good thing.

But fitting sit-stand desks won’t necessarily change behaviours. You’ll have the option to stand for part of your day, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll do it. Spending money on things like this is really only part of the equation as behaviour change is a different kettle of fish altogether.

So if we were re-fitting our office would we replace all our desks with sit-stand – yes probably. We do think it’s a positive thing, but we’d make sure we realised their full potential by encouraging and training people how to use them properly. Practice what we preach in other words – it’s not what ergonomic ‘kit’ you’ve got – it’s how you use it that makes the difference.

PS – we know our posts are short, and to the point, but we kind of like them that way. Hope you do too? ?

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