Sitting Comfortably – The Basics

So there’s really no need to complicate this is there?!

We generally know most of this stuff but we just get on with our jobs and we forget!  So here’s a Workwise gentle reminder for you – if you do it in the order below it generally works out best.

How To Adjust Your Office Chair

  1. Adjust your chair so that your feet are comfortably flat on the floor – just for now while you sort out the other adjustments as it makes life easier.
  2. Adjust the back height of your chair so that the bit that sticks out (the lumbar support) fits snuggly into the small of your back. Sit back into the chair so that it does the work, rather than you.
  3. Adjust the back tilt of your chair so that you’re comfortably upright – upright or slightly reclining is what you’re aiming for.
  4. If you have a seat slide adjustment then make sure the seat is long enough to support your thighs, but not so long so that you can’t sit back into the chair or so that it digs into the backs of your legs.
  5. And this is the important bit! Now adjust your chair height so that your forearms are parallel with the desk.  This only works if your shoulders are relaxed and your keyboard is close enough so that your elbows are dangling by your side.  If you hunch your shoulders or push your keyboard away from you then you’ll never sit back into your chair and be properly comfortable.  You’re looking for 90degrees between forearm and upper arm – not too high, not too low, just all lovely and ‘Goldilocks’ (just right).
  6. If your feet can’t now touch the floor, then don’t drop your chair (tempting we know!), but get yourself a footrest, and adjust the height of it so that your knees are level with your bottom or slightly below.

And relax……..Simple!

Next Month….

Got a free-float mechanism on your chair?  Well lucky you!  Watch this space next month and we’ll talk you through whether to float or not to float – that is indeed the question! ?  But if you really can’t wait then just get in touch and we’ll give you a sneak preview into our thoughts on that.

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