The Workarama Podcast with Andy Meighan, PRA Health Sciences

The Workarama Podcast with Andy Meighan, PRA Health Sciences

Andy has 20 years of experience in global Real Estate and Facilities, with a background of both Hard and Soft facility services – including managing large offices and warehouses as well critical infrastructure for large facilities, vendor management- budgetary control. KPI’s and SLA’s.

Health and safety has always formed a large part of that role including first aid at work, Ergonomics and risk/contractor management of works. Global  cultures and laws, combined with many exciting projects and challenges have resulted in a very varied skill set”

His current projects involve developing and implementing an ergonomic process for 8000+ employees worldwide; managing large refurbishments including employee engagement, space conception, delivery and management; selection and implementation of a Global security system enabling central control of all locations.

About The Workarama Podcast
The Workarama Podcast is about embracing and celebrating new ways of working. The world has shifted considerably in the way we work. Thousands of people have now been set up to work from home. This happened very quickly. Workarama is a podcast of conversations and ideas to show businesses and individuals how they can make these changes in a more permanent way and how to ensure that employees can thrive in this new way of working.

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