TRAILER: The Workarama Podcast

The Workarama Podcast with Giverny Harman, Freelance Marketing Consultant

Giverny is a Freelance Marketing Consultant specialising in the workplace and design sector. This involves exploring what makes people happy at work, the company culture, and how a thriving environment can make a positive impact.

Experienced in social media management, copywriting and marketing campaigns, it’s evident that Giverny enjoys playing with the alphabet. Through open communication, creative flair and a healthy dose of humour, Giverny works alongside her clients to create original, engaging and strategic content that attracts the right customers time and time again.

Confident, enthusiastic and always honest with her clients, Giverny believes that marketing should be as simple as possible. Skilled in networking and proactively building mutually beneficial partnerships to drive business forward, Giverny likes to become the right lung of an organisation; helping clients stay focused, invested and passionate about their marketing objectives, whilst simultaneously learning new skills that can be implemented long after Giverny has left.

About The Workarama Podcast

The Workarama Podcast is about embracing and celebrating new ways of working. The world has shifted considerably in the way we work. Thousands of people have now been set up to work from home. This happened very quickly. Workarama is a podcast of conversations and ideas to show businesses and individuals how they can make these changes in a more permanent way and how to ensure that employees can thrive in this new way of working.

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