Richard Naylor - Podcast

The Workarama Podcast with Richard Naylor, Forsters LLP

With over 20 years experience in Facilities Management in the legal and professional services sectors, Richard has been responsible for all hard and soft services throughout Europe and the UK – both single and multi-site office portfolios.

He is responsible for all H&S and Environmental issues relating to Carbon disclosure and compliance; staff safety and legal compliance; Business Continuity and emergency response procedures; All Lease, Rental and Building negotiation responsibilities; Procurement of services including fit out and service providers for all aspects of a professional services firm; Training staff in various aspects of H&S, and firm-wide training initiatives with fully compliant courses delivered in house.

About The Workarama Podcast

The Workarama Podcast is about embracing and celebrating new ways of working. The world has shifted considerably in the way we work. Thousands of people have now been set up to work from home. This happened very quickly. Workarama is a podcast of conversations and ideas to show businesses and individuals how they can make these changes in a more permanent way and how to ensure that employees can thrive in this new way of working.

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