The Workarma Podcast with Dale Muffett, Formunauts

Dale has had many different jobs and careers over the last 10 years ranging from decontamination to insurance underwriting, operations supervisor to data manager. He is now proud to take all this experience and be part of the Formunauts team, helping charities and agencies make excellent Face-to-Face fundraising campaigns.

Dale head up Formunauts’ sales and growth across the globe, helping ensure the long term future of Face-to-Face fundraising and that many great charities generate the essential revenue they need to support their projects and beneficiaries.

About The Workarama Podcast
The Workarama Podcast is about embracing and celebrating new ways of working. The world has shifted considerably in the way we work. Thousands of people have now been set up to work from home. This happened very quickly. Workarama is a podcast of conversations and ideas to show businesses and individuals how they can make these changes in a more permanent way and how to ensure that employees can thrive in this new way of working.

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