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Since even before the Covid-19 pandemic began, more people in the workforce have begun to prioritise work-life balance over pay.  And the way people work has had to be transformed. 

Some 87% of workers surveyed in the FlexJobs 2022 Career Pulse Survey said they believed that having the opportunity for remote work improved their work-life balance. 

In another study by Incisiv, AT&T Business, and Dubber, Inc., the data indicates that the hybrid workforce is growing substantially, and is expected to grow from 42% in 2021 to 81% in 2024. 

What this all means is that hybrid work is here to stay, and employers must accommodate workers’ desire for hybrid jobs to attract and retain high-quality staff. 

More people than ever before are working from home for at least part of their week. This means health and safety managers have to be able to keep their employees safe, even if they’re not onsite.

Does this sound like you?

You need to know your employees will be safe – wherever they’re working 

You need a partner in training and risk assessments

Your company is a firm in the legal or professional services

Workwise Ergonomics can help!


Workwise Training &
Assessment Portal

With the massive global work-life changes in recent times, our ‘office’ is wherever we happen to be.  Our online training addresses the critical health and safety challenges that arise from these new ways of working.  From DSE/remote working to fire safety assessments and training, we take a pragmatic approach to employee welfare – empowering them to be safe, comfortable and productive wherever they’re working. 

Our assessments also help employers stay compliant with local and regional requirements for workers.  And our included comprehensive risk assessments ensure your employees are happy with their current setup and working environment, and connects them with someone who can help them if not.

We started helping companies build ergonomic environments in 1999, and we didn’t stand still and watch as the world changed before our eyes. No matter where your employees spend their time, we can help ensure their environment supports their physical, mental, and emotional health.

Our original offering was DSE assessments and training. We’ve done more assessments over the years than I suspect many others can claim, and in doing so, have really got to understand offices and the people within them.  It’s this understanding of the office environment (wherever that happens to be) which allows us to offer practical solutions that won’t break the bank, will make people comfy, and feel that they are being heard and understood. 

We have now built that experience into our online training and assessments, offering you a practical and scalable way to stay compliant with regulations. 

Our online dashboard allows you to track any potential issues and take action quickly. You also receive annual reminders to help you stay compliant with legal requirements. Easy, helpful and economical – we think we are the premier choice for online training and risk assessments.

A Healthy and Happy
Employee is a Productive
and Profitable Employee

We engage, listen, and collaborate to provide your employees with the ‘voice’ that is often missing. In doing so, we help you develop the kind of workplace everyone wants to be a part of.

Ergonomics is about so much more than desks and chairs. So if you’d like to make some real and positive changes to your workplace and make your employees part of the solution, not the problem, then we would love to hear from you.

Benefits of Workwise Ergonomics


With your brand guidelines, we create a familiar, brand-coherent training environment.  Courses are entirely customisable from start to finish – from logos and typefaces to photos and colour schemes. We can also edit the course content to ensure your employees get the most relevant information from the training.


Our customisable automated workflows ensure your employees complete their training and risk assessment. Remind them once a week, twice a week, every day if you like – it’s entirely up to you. We can also notify managers when employees haven’t completed their risk assessment after a certain period.


We send immediate feedback when employees complete their risk assessment to allow for timely problem identification and resolution. Want to see the bigger picture? View, edit and manage all of your risk assessments from your dashboard.



Setting up a large number of employees? Contact us about our discounts for multiple licenses.


Our mobile responsive training pages allow your employees to complete their training and risk assessment wherever they happen to be.

Easy to
set up

Setting up your online training is simple, and we’ll walk you through every step of the way. No technical experience is required.
“The Workwise team and system are superb! It’s been so easy to use. The dashboard reporting and automated workflow make it easy for us to keep on track of our regulatory requirements, and we can roll out new courses quickly. The feedback from employees has been excellent too. We now have much more insight into how they are actually feeling and what we need to now do for them.”


What We Do
for Your Business


Your employees are, of course, your most significant assets. Look after them, and they will look after you.

We help you train them in all crucial safety areas, including fire, DSE, manual handling, and agile working. You will receive our expertise as well as the comfort of knowing your employees are compliant and safe.


Once we’ve worked with your employees to provide them with our valuable training, your company gets access to our customisable dashboard, which allows you to track possible issues and solve them quickly and easily. 

This results in your employees becoming more efficient, productive, and able to do their best work that drives your company forward.

We focus on four key areas: